Apart from our Spanish language programs, we also offer volunteer programs in Manuel Antonio for individuals who have attained a basic level of Spanish.

We partner with local non-profit organizations to give visitors the opportunity to contribute to a good cause and integrate into the community more than a typical tourist would. Volunteering allows you to connect with local people and use your Spanish skills in a practical and meaningful context.

We can organize placements in the areas of conservation or social work.

Conservation Volunteer Programs


Manuel Antonio National Park is host to an incredible amount of biodiversity and up to 150,000 visitors per year. As a volunteer at the national park, you will assist the park guards with maintenance and tourism activities. Possible tasks include trail renovation, construction of new facilities, tourist surveys and ensuring visitors adhere to the rules of the park. A basic level of Spanish is required.

Manuel Antonio National Park


Work alongside bee conservation experts at a private nature reserve. You will live onsite and help the family to maintain the trails within their piece of primary rainforest, assist during tours, care for the bee hives and harvest honey. You may also be asked to help with marketing, educational activities and the production of organic products such as honey wine, propolis extract and natural cosmetics. Minimum stay of one week and basic Spanish is required.

volunteer bee conservation

Social Work Volunteer Programs


Help out at a Theater and Arts Center in Quepos. Put your energy into collaborating and creating with local theater enthusiasts. This group uses theater as a tool to address social issues and offers a creative outlet to youth and adults in the community. Projects include running educational workshops, youth drama groups, creating sets and costumes, assisting in productions and fundraising. A basic level of Spanish is required.

volunteer community theater


Offer your time at a home for the elderly and gain a new perspective. Government-run homes offer care and a community for elderly people who don’t have other options. You can participate in daily life at one of these homes by helping out at meal times, assisting nurses, or leading activities involving dance, exercise, games, crafts and music. A basic level of Spanish will enhance your experience.

volunteer home for the elderly