The Spanish School

We founded Manuel Antonio Spanish School with the intention to welcome students from around the world, and to share with them the language, culture and natural wonders of Costa Rica. We know that lots of people want a deeper experience when spending their precious vacation days or while traveling long-term. Through our programs, visitors will have the chance to challenge themselves and really appreciate the Pura Vida.

We believe that the best way to learn Spanish is to truly live the language. This means cultural immersion and daily practice with native speakers. Students can increase their knowledge and fluency in a real-world context, with personalized classes, cultural activities and new experiences.

Kick-start your learning adventure today by enrolling in one of our Spanish programs.

Social Responsibility

Our community offers us plenty of opportunities as an engaging ‘living classroom’. One of the most important aims we have is to uplift and support local businesses, non-profits, and community organizations. We can achieve this by offering homestays, encouraging students to choose local products or services, and through our volunteer program. Volunteering in local organizations allows students to integrate themselves into the community more than a typical tourist and to make a meaningful contribution during their stay here.

We are also committed to supporting conservation and responsible eco-tourism. Any activities we offer or promote will serve to educate people and protect the natural beauty and wildlife of Costa Rica.

Meet Our Team

Rebecca Fox
Rebecca FoxFounder
After finishing university in Ireland, I moved to Costa Rica to study monkeys and volunteer in conservation. I was quickly captivated by the spectacular natural beauty and welcoming culture here. It is a delight for me to share this and the Spanish language with people from all over the world.
Daniel Masís M.
Daniel Masís M.Founder
I was born in Cartago, a town located in the middle of Costa Rica. For me, being surrounded by nature and living close to the ocean is priceless. I am very happy to facilitate the tools and resources for you to learn or improve your Spanish while you are in the school.