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Learn Spanish at home this year with a professional, native-speaking tutor. Check out the benefits of our Online Spanish Program, it could be the best way to learn Spanish in 2020:


The Online Spanish Program consists of regularly scheduled, private live classes adapted to your level of Spanish and your language learning goals, with extra tasks and activities to complete in your own time between classes. The online program follows the same progression as our in-school classes, so you can easily switch between learning Spanish in person and online. With these conversation-based, interactive Spanish classes, you will work through grammar topics, key vocabulary and interesting themes to help further your Spanish knowledge and ability. This is the fun and easy way to learn Spanish you have been looking for!


You can receive your live Spanish lessons anywhere in the world, once you have an internet connection and a laptop or tablet. Your Spanish teacher will be delivering the class directly from Costa Rica. Although you may be physically distant, your classes will feature the same friendly, personal interaction and connection to local culture as you experience when attending our school.


We offer flexible scheduling so that you can make progress in Spanish at your own pace. Your personalized Spanish classes can be booked between 8am and 5pm, (Costa Rican time) Monday through Friday according to the teacher’s availability. There is no minimum or maximum amount of hours per week, but we do offer a special discount when you pay for a bundle of 12 hours of classes. With 24 hours notice you can cancel your class and reschedule for another time.


Everyone can learn Spanish quickly when they have the help of a dedicated teacher. We offer one-on-one personalized lessons to both adult Spanish learners and kids aged 8+. Virtual Spanish lessons are particularly useful to students who are planning to attend the school in person in the future, as they can get to know their teacher in advance and build their Spanish fluency in preparation for their trip. Past students can also take advantage of the online Spanish program to avoid losing momentum on their progress and continue on to the next level. You will be guaranteed to have the same teacher for the duration of your course. They will adapt the content to every level, from complete beginners to students with advanced Spanish who want to focus on specific topics.


Your Spanish teacher will call you at the scheduled class time using either Zoom or Skype, depending on your preference. With one-on-one video calls, it is easy to work on your speaking and listening skills, and you will receive instant feedback to help improve your pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Your teacher will also use dynamic and interactive tools like Google jamboard to help you work on reading and writing. For self study and homework your Spanish tutor will help you take advantage of lots of authentic digital materials and online Spanish learning games. Additional Spanish resources will be sent by email. Using task based activities and the communicative approach, you will see real results and improve your Spanish fast.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most Spanish learners will not be able to study abroad in 2020. Why not take the opportunity to experience virtual Spanish immersion with affordable online classes? This is a great chance to invest your extra time at home by upskilling before your next trip abroad, improving your C.V., or just keeping your mind active and challenged. Lots of our online Spanish students say they enjoy taking an hour or two out of their week to do something just for themselves, that is fun and productive.

Online Spanish Classes


Learn Spanish online affordably with us. Private one-on-one classes cost $15 per hour. Remember that your online Spanish Program includes materials sent by email and activities to be completed between each lesson. Your first class is free to take with no obligation to continue. Your teacher will have the chance to get to know your current level and your aims for improving your Spanish.

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